TAFEP Annual Report

In 2017, the Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP) has introduced many initiatives to fight discrimination and ensure fairness at the workplace. However, many people feel that they are just there as a passive “voice”. They do not see its effectiveness and are not fully aware of the measures it has taken.

Everyone has a voice in a fair, progressive and inclusive workplace. Just because it is not happening to you, does not mean it is untrue. So, you too have a say. Talk about how only ability, skill, knowledge and experience matter. Express how you will make a difference. Take a stand at the frontline.

Often regarded as a reliable medium of communication and credible source of information, the newspaper also builds a sense of community in its readers. Thus, the TAFEP Annual Review FY2017 took the form of a newspaper, using this as a platform to take the lead in fighting workplace discrimination and for bringing to public light the issues that affect workers in Singapore.


It is said that men have a better head for numbers. Many also say that woman are great in nurturing roles. But where exactly is it said? Who is saying it? And why are we saying it, too? We form our opinion of others which feeds discrimination and prejudice.Pride denies it. Rumour distorts it. Ignorance narrows its scope. Indifference silences it.It’s ironic how in this day and age, we are still given labels in the workforce such as ‘too old’ and ‘foreigner’. When do we stand up and speak out for others?