Indeed, TILT had witness the growth of Singapore’s number 1 Paintball Tournament since 2008. From the early days of 2008, where the tournament was known as Singapore Paintball Novice Series (SPNS) to the current 29 local participating teams in 4 different divisions, held at East Coast Park, TILT had been the official photographers for the Singapore Paintball Series.

Each year that we covered the event, our photographs had been submitted for competitions and they had always been recognised for their excellence.
2008: WeSay Editor’s Choice Award
2009: Merit Award (Open Category) for Yeos H-TWO-O Ultimate Challenge

Below are some photographs taken by us and a few words of appreciation by the paintballers:

Thanks you to the TILT team for taking such awesome photos during SPS!
Carl Sahetapy

Awesome work
Isk Ishak

Your photos are the best!
Mark Ng

Great photos!!
Danny Phyo

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