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Project Description

SCDF Recruitment Campaign

SCDF is a part of Singapore’s Home Team and the mission is to protect and save lives and property for a safe and secure Singapore. When you join SCDF, you join the ranks of an elite team of professionals, entrusted to safeguard the stability of our nation. You make a difference in the lives of our citizens.

Agency is tasked to develop a captivating career recruitment campaign for the SCDF to draw young Singaporeans to join the uniformed organisation.

Creative Rationale

Life is fragile. Everything that we hold dear can change in an instant for the worse. A burning roof can collapse on people. A chemical leak can impair thousands. A friend or relative could be seriously hurt in an car accident. There is no telling when a disaster, personal or large scale, can happen. But when it does, you’ll be glad that the men and women of the Singapore Civil Defence Force are always at hand with their expertise, innovative tools and technology, and their passion to save lives.

This is the main thrust of our campaign. While past SCDF campaigns have consistently portrayed the drama of SCDF officers in disasters, our concept will focus on the assurance and peace of mind that SCFD officers provide.

You will not see any disasters. Rather you will gain an insight into the aftermath of a disaster which SCDF officers have played a pivotal role to overcome. Then you will see disaster victims acknowledge the role of SCDF officers. After all, SCDF is THE LIFE SAVING FORCE.

And its officers are the ones who are constantly making a difference when life matters.



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