Our Director, Mr Randy Lim had been nominated for Spirit of Enterprise 2011. Since starting the company 7 years ago with friends and present partner, Mr Tay Ling, both of them have persevered and are now reaping the rewards of their labour but there is still more to be done as they say.

He said, “To be able to start a business with just passion in the creative industry and subsequently be able to grow the company into the current 19-man team is something that show strongly what passion and the will to excel can do for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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Extract from Interviewer
From the conversation I had with him, he is certainly an entrepreneur who had gone through the ups and downs of the business and came this far. The chance to meet and talk to him is really a privilege. I’ve gained rewarding insights from his loquaciousness, amicable personality and passion for his business, which are evident beyond doubt. I wish him all the best for the SOE 2011 awards.

Background on Spirit of Enterprise 2011
The Spirit of Enterprise promotes and advances entrepreneurial spirit in Singapore by honouring local self-reliant entrepreneurs operating small and medium-sized businesses. We also serve to inspire Singaporeans, especially the young, to become entrepreneurs by facilitating interaction, communication and knowledge dissemination between students, the entrepreneurs and the general public.