TILT Advertising has been awarded the prestigious Industry Star 2013 by Small Medium Business Association (SMBA). TILT demonstrated excellent service quality, delivering results through insights. As an advertising agency, TILT had a track record of creative advertising work that received great feedback from clients through the years. And this is the reason a number of clients had stayed with the agency since it started.

TILT receives Industry Star Award

2013 had been a year where the company strength in TILT had grown, both in size and in capablities. Key appointments had bolstered the agency’s creative output and it is also the year where TILT put together a series of plans to ensure the continued energy and culture are rejuvenated.

Receiving the award, TILT will continue to uphold the service excellence and deliver results that matter to clients.

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About Industry Star 2013
The Industry Star is a special accolade conferred upon selected Business Luminaries in the PSME 500 2013 Campaign who hold exemplary track records in their respective industries, having risen above the ranks in areas of product quality, service standards and consumer relations.

This platform serve to recognize these exceptional companies and individuals for their shining examples not only as Business Leaders in their fields of expertise, but also as inspirational figures for the next generation of aspiring entrepreneurs to emulate and look up to.

The Campaign Advisory Panel and main organizers include industry top executives and consultants from the fields of Banking and Finance, Human Resource, Academia, Politics and Business Management.

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