Every client of ours is a treasured client and we relish every opportunity for return work! In the case below, the company, Galmon, is a leader in forklift equipment in Singapore.

Client wants to retain their traditional presentation style but would like to infuse a more modern feel. After numerous attempts and rounds of discussions, we (client and us) managed to nail the style that incorporates both elements. Leveraging on the attractive orange in the corporate colour, we used it to add more ‘life’ to both the print artworks and website.

From a corporate brochure and product catalogue, followed by revamp of corporate website, we subsequently went on and did the company mailer as well as Facebook app and dressing up the page. Overall, we were very happy with both the print and digital output and of course, clients are happy as well.

As a full-service agency, we are able to reduce communication time tremendously between the digital team and creative team while rolling out both the print artworks as well as the corporate website. Our digital division and subsidiary, Consapp, provided extremely good support and it helps that TILT and Consapp are situated at the same premise!

As a reward for us and to feed our ever-growing appetite for client satisfaction, client sent an email that really made our people on the project enjoy their job!

“Thanks for making the amendments for us. Its good!

Kindly send a hard copy of the invoice as my accounts dept will need it to prepare the payment.

Thanks working with us so far. My boss likes the way you handled this project. :)”

Roxanne Goh, Corporate Communications Manager
Galmon (Your Safest Way to the Top)