The world’s best enterprises believe that investing in WSH makes good business sense. It increases productivity, enhances corporate image and makes a positive statement about the values of the enterprise. Good WSH standards contribute to an enterprise’s competitiveness. Consumers and enterprises are more likely to do business with enterprises that practise good WSH. With more and more big corporations outsourcing their businesses, this is particularly important for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that account for a large proportion of the outsourced market. (taken from

At TILT Advertising, we are a strong supporter of WSHC and their initiatives to make every workplace a safer workplace. Risks abound with any place with people working and living. There should be no stones unturned in the bid for a workplace where the people feels safe to work in and their family members feel safe, knowing their loved ones spend a third of their day in a safe environment.

Our attainment of bizSAFE Level 3 Certification had made our people feel safe and at the same time, raised awareness for a safe workplace internally.

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